Manufacturing Science & Tech

A platform that puts
the power of Al in your process team’s hands

From tech transfers to continuous validation, process engineers to MS&T directors, Basetwo unlocks the full potential of manufacturing data

Manufacturing Science

Streamline your tech transfer workflows with confidence.

Enable cross-learning by training machine-learning models with historical manufacturing data, even from related processes at different scales.

Tactical support for ongoing plant operations.

Fully-trained hybrid process models act as digital twins that capture underlying process dynamics, allowing for digital experimentation to test new operating ranges without consuming precious manufacturing resources.

Tactical support

Go beyond spreadsheets and DOEs - build production-grade models that scale

With a library of simulation and machine-learning models that go beyond traditional statistical analyses, Basetwo allows your team to fuse scientific and data driven techniques to extract value out of their manufacturing data.

Accelerate and automate performance reporting

By integrating with modern BI platforms, Basetwo enables your team to easily push plant performance, model forecasts and optimization outcomes to an easily digestible dashboard. This empowers your team to collaborate seamlessly with managers, quality and operations teams.

Easily ingest

Easily ingest data from multiple systems.

Organize cross-functional data and information from DCS, SCADA, MES, CMMS, and LIMS in one place to understand your company’s manufacturing needs and plan for the future.

A platform tailored for today’s biopharma manufacturing challenges

Optimize Antibody Titers

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Maximize Resin Lifetime

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Optimize Column Loading Rates

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