Contextualize asset condition data at scale

Build a continuous view of assets, facility reliability, and consumable service life with real-time validation and causal analysis.

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streamline CIP/ SIP process

Streamline your CIP/SIP procedures with confidence

Optimize cleaning and sanitization standard operating procedures (SOPs) and scheduling based on asset service life and quality objectives.

Optimize consumable service life and utilization

Build machine learning and process models to predict the utilization and degradation of consumables such as resins and filter media.

Build real-time asset deterioration and FMEA models

Build real-time asset deterioration and FMEA models

With a library of simulation and machine-learning models that go beyond traditional statistical analyses, basetwo allows your team to fuse scientific and data driven techniques to extract value out of their asset performance and condition data. Track and monitor performance against design specifications.

Accelerate and automate performance reporting

By integrating with modern BI platforms, Basetwo enables your team to easily push asset performance, maintenance forecasts and optimization outcomes to an easily digestible dashboard. This empowers your team to collaborate seamlessly with managers, quality and operations teams.

Integrate with industry-grade CMMS’

Integrate with
industry-grade CMMS’

Integrate with leading centralized maintenance management systems (CMMS) such as Maximo or Fiix to optimize maintenance work-order scheduling or ingest maintenance or operator log data for predictive modelling.

Use Cases

A platform tailored for today’s biopharma manufacturing challenges

Optimize Antibody Titers

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Maximize Resin Lifetime

Maximize Resin LifetimeDiscover more

Optimize column loading rates

Reduce Tech Transfer RiskDiscover more

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