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Build and deploy digital twins of pharmaceutical processes

Learn how Basetwo enables you to streamline manufacturing process scale up, maximize yield, and minimize deviations in your workflow.

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Pharmaceutical manufacturing involves several unit operations working together at various scales to produce high-quality products. Regulation of these operations requires careful coordination between:

Process Development

Process Development & CMC

Commercial manufacturing

Scale Up &
Tech Transfer

cGMP and CMC initiatives process

GMP Manufacturing

Basetwo supports critical pharmaceutical manufacturing processes  

Small molecule drug substance and drug product manufacturing

Antibody-based and mRNA/DNA biologic therapeutics

Advanced therapy manufacturing including cell and gene therapies

Basetwo supports critical pharmaceutical manufacturing processes  

Traditional Design of Experiments (DoEs) are effective to establish process baselines and meet regulatory requirements but lack a comprehensive, multivariate view of how process parameters influence final CQAs.

Conduct "what-if" analyses to simulate multivariate scenarios

Virtually explore the entire design space to achieve development decisions 3x faster

Connect unit operations to explore parameter interactions across processes

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Fermentation process in lab

Utilize predictive capabilities to streamline scale-up and technology transfer

With Basetwo, manufacturers can leverage various data sources to build a process model that learns how process dynamics change with scale, ensuring a predictable scale-up and tech transfer process that reduces risk and improves time to value.

Understand the influence of process scale on key quality attributes

Reduce the number of validation runs required for process characterization

Achieve “right first time” scale-up with predictive models

Improve process visibility & control with real-time fingerprinting

Traditional “golden batch” and multivariate analyses provide insights into process performance but lack the ability to provide real-time corrective actions to improve final batch quality or yield.

Elevate your processes with Basetwo

Leverage AI-enabled optimization and achieve a 20% reduction in deviations and batch failures

Receive immediate guidance on corrective measures to prevent deviations and batch failures

Gain actionable insights into how to optimize batch performance

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Upgrade your maintenance strategy and safeguard your operations against costly disruptions

Leverage cutting-edge AI algorithms to accurately calculate the remaining useful lifespan of assets and consumables

Predict failures and implement corrective maintenance for high-value assets to reduce downtime by upwards of 25%

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forecasting of resin performance

See how Basetwo can deliver:

Reduction in process deviations
Reduction in experimentation and scale-up time
Increase in yield and efficiency
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