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Specialty Chemicals

Optimize the manufacturing of specialty chemicals

Basetwo gives manufacturers real-time recommendations to optimize chemical production, ensuring consistently high quality products while reducing time to market.

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Specialty chemical manufacturing requires delivering high-quality products that meet regulatory requirements and sustainability goals. Basetwo can support manufacturers at every stage of this process across key industries, including:

Process Development

Paint, Resins & Coatings

Commercial manufacturing

Polymer & Solvent Based Adhesives

Leverage AI-enabled modeling to enhance manufacturing

Lower costs and reduced material waste by optimizing manufacturing process controls

Develop mixtures faster and reduce time-to-market through predictive formulation

Ensure consistent, high-quality production while increasing overall yield

Reduce downtime with a proactive approach to your maintenance strategy

digital presentation of conversion process

Conversion Processes

From FCC to steam reforming or gasification units, conversion processes are usually the most complex unit operations in a chemical plant. Due to nonlinearities and raw material disturbances, controlling and operating conversion unit operations is challenging, let alone optimizing them.

Basetwo empowers process engineers with a low-code platform that provides an up-to-date digital representation of their conversion unit operations that enables real-time process understanding.

Leverage AI-driven models to optimize your processes driving efficiencies

Basetwo enables engineers, scientists, and operators to analyze manufacturing data and existing processes, identifying opportunities to improve operational efficiency.

AI-driven recommendations have helped Basetwo customers achieve:


Reduction in costs associated with the manufacturing process


Reduction in material usage through the optimization of raw materials

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Increase the speed of formulation with virtual experimentation

Virtually simulate your real-world processes to experiment with different raw material combinations and proportions, getting new, high quality formulations to market faster.

Elevate your processes with Basetwo and achieve desired formulation characteristics 30% faster than traditional experimentation.

Balance raw materials to optimize for your desired performance characteristics.

Find the optimal formulation that reduces cost while meeting quality standards

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Ensure consistent, high-quality formulations while increasing yields across batches

With Basetwo, manufacturers can ensure every batch meets stringent quality standards and delivers superior performance.

Predict output performance and final batch quality

Optimize the usage of materials such as adhesives, pigment, solvents, and more to ensure consistent quality

Ensure compliance with safety and environmental regulations (e.g. HAPs & VOCs)

Fermentation process in lab

Upgrade your maintenance strategy and safeguard your operations against costly disruptions

Leverage cutting-edge AI algorithms to predict issues and automatically schedule maintenance for components

Implement optimal maintenance strategies for high-value assets to reduce downtime by upwards of 25%

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Reduction in OPEX
Increase in yield and efficiency
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