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Build and deploy digital twins of bioprocessing facilities

Basetwo provides a complete process engineering solution that integrates model simulation, economic optimization, and quality control into a single low-code platform.

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From enzymes to biofuels, bioprocessing facilities leverage some of the most complex biochemical reactions to produce specialized products. As a result, bioprocessing manufacturing is often complex and process optimization is challenging:

Biologically active materials

Complex multi-step reaction dynamics

Highly specialized end products

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Enzymatic Catalysis

Enzymatic reactions are key for many steps in almost all biological processing but complicate manufacturing due to the inherent heterogeneity associated with biochemical reactions and the use of biological substrates.

Using the Basetwo platform, engineers can easily build Michaelis–Menten and Monod-based enzymatic process models to model enzymatic performance, significantly reducing manufacturing uncertainty and risk. Validated models can models can also be used to predict and forecast reaction progression.

enzymatic catalysis
fermentation process


From organic acids to enzymes, Basetwo enables manufactures to optimize and understand the mechanisms driving fermentation process technologies.

Using Basetwo’s low code platform, process engineers can build high fidelity predictive models to maximize reaction efficience, understand the influence of process disturbanes (i.e. pH, temperature), extracellular material and metabolites.


Reducing the energy consumption of distillation is complex due to nonlinearities of upstream process disturbances that influence current operating conditions and process efficiency.

Basetwo’s modeling and optimization capabilities leverage industry-proven methods to accurately predict operating information, enabling engineers to rapidly react to changes in process conditions driven by upstream output or other disturbances.

distillation process

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