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Basetwo heads to the UK for a Biomanufacturing Delegation with the Canadian Trade Commission

Toronto, January 30, 2024Basetwo, a pioneering force in advanced manufacturing solutions, is thrilled to announce its upcoming participation in the Canadian Biomanufacturing Partnering Mission to the UK, in collaboration with the Canadian Trade Commission. Scheduled to take place in the UK from February 21st to March 1st, this mission marks a significant milestone in Basetwo's global expansion efforts and commitment to fostering international partnerships in the biomanufacturing sector.

As a leading innovator, Basetwo is poised to showcase its AI-enabled technologies and expertise to industry stakeholders in the UK, including Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, CPI, the National Horizons Centre, and more. With a focus on driving innovation and collaboration, Basetwo aims to explore new opportunities for strategic alliances and mutually beneficial partnerships, while advancing the frontiers of biomanufacturing on a global scale.

"We're thrilled to embark on this biomanufacturing adventure with the Canadian Trade Commission," said Kiefer Eaton, Head of Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals at Basetwo. "This mission presents an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our capabilities and explore potential partnerships in the vibrant UK biomanufacturing landscape. We look forward to building lasting relationships and driving innovation together."

The Canadian Biomanufacturing Partnering Mission to the UK will feature a series of networking events, business meetings, and industry engagements designed to facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange among Canadian and UK biomanufacturing stakeholders. Basetwo will be actively participating in these activities, leveraging its expertise to contribute to the dialogue surrounding the future of biomanufacturing.

About Basetwo:

Basetwo is an AI co-pilot for manufacturing engineers. The platform provides engineers with recommendations on the next best action they can take to optimize production yield, cycle time and reduce costs. To date, Basetwo has helped Fortune 500 manufacturers worldwide reduce scale-up time and operational costs by over 40%.

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About the Canadian Trade Commission:

The Canadian Trade Commission, also known as the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), is the Canadian government's international trade and investment promotion agency. With offices in Canada and around the world, the TCS helps Canadian businesses navigate international markets, connect with global opportunities, and foster trade and investment partnerships.

For more information about Basetwo, Genecis, and this transformative project, please contact:

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